Facts and Figures of the Belfast Pogrom 1920-1922 (paperback)


“The most dangerous book in Ireland.” (Irish Central)

A reprint of the Fr John Hassan’s account of the violence in Belfast from 1920-1922 (published under the pseudonym, G.B. Kenna). It was ordered to be pulped by the Provisional Government of the Irish Free State and only 18 copies survived. It was finally published in a limited edition in 1997. Now available as a reprint of the original edition.

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Facts and Figures of the Belfast Pogrom 1920-1922

Fr John Hassan's book on the violence in Belfast in 1920-1922 was suppressed before publication in 1922. This is a newly reprinted with the original cover and layout. Deliveries take 1-2 weeks from order is submitted. Price includes postage to Ireland and Britain. For orders from elsewhere see link below.


Facts and Figures of the Belfast Pogrom 1920-1922 Paperback, 217 pages. ISBN: 978-1081404093

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