Revolutionary Reprints

Revolutionary Reprints is a series of first hand accounts from the 1919-1922 period, with the full text reproduced just as it was published at that time. Read original documentary records of the events of the War of Independence, such as ‘Who Burnt Cork City?’ and ‘Facts and Figures of the Belfast Pogrom, 1920-1922’.
And, if you are interested in contemporary accounts of the 1919-1922 period keep an eye out for updates to this page.

This series includes:

Irish Unionism (1920)

Who Burnt Cork City? (1921)

Evidence on Conditions in Ireland (1921)

Facts and Figures of the Belfast Pogrom (1922)

The Irish White Cross Report (1922)

If you have suggestions of original publications from this period you’d like to see available in print again, let us know via