The Fourth Northerners

Ireland’s war for independence from 1919 onwards often needs to be studied as a series of local conflicts. The Irish Republican Army organised into divisions on a regional basis. It’s 4th Northern Division spanned parts of Counties Louth, Armagh and Down and the borders of Antrim, Monaghan and Tyrone. It was led by Frank Aiken, future IRA Chief of Staff and government minister and then fragmented by partition.

This book gathers together surviving records for the division and a chronological record of activities in its area from 1913 to the mid-1920s, from archival and newspaper sources, along with full membership rolls for Cumann na mBan, the Fianna and IRA.

Gregory lives in Armagh. In his early career he taught in various schools in the Armagh area. He then became a lecturer at Thomond College of Education in Limerick where he lectured for eight years. He transferred to the University of Limerick where he lectured in International Tourism in the Kemmy Business School. Whilst an academic at U.L. he lectured throughout Europe and world-wide. He spent considerable time in Cuba, Russia and China and has served on various international and national committees and delegation. Currently he engages in local and regional issues in Armagh.

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The Fourth Northerners by Gregory Knipe

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The Fourth Northerners by Gregory Knipe, Paperback, 390 pages. ISBN: 978-1999300845

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